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Ryan Lynch (he/him)
Ryan Lynch (he/him)

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Emoji Island Dispatch: Play on your phone with an Emoji URL 🤯

Hello all!

Two updates to the emoji island project:

  1. I modified the UI so you can play on your phone! I'd welcome any feedback, or even a pull request! There should be a way for you to do it all in CodeSandbox, so let me know if you need help!
  2. To make it super mobile friendly, I registered an emoji domain — literally https://🏝.fm — for emoji island! And through much struggle I managed to get it to work.

Want to register your own emoji domain? My tips are, if you run into problems with a registrar (which you probably will):

  1. Definitely let them know about your issues. Nobody fixes what they don't see or know customers care about.
  2. It may be possible (as it was for me) to manually edit some of their API calls to replace the emoji domain with an alternate code (for 🏝.fm the code is This is a pain but it may allow you to update dns records you otherwise couldn't
  3. Be very careful with transfers! I tried and it failed. I thought I lost it all together, but it stayed at the original registrar. I suspect this is also related to special characters and systems unable to process them.

Anyway, I'm happy this works! If it doesn't, let me know! And thanks!

With ❤️ from Emoji Island:

-- Ryan

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