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Discussion on: From TV producer to Senior Software Developer

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Sherri Booher

Wow! Thank you for sharing your experiences. I'm so glad you found your calling, Sydney!

I definitely laughed when you said " in 7th grade meant AOL dial-up. I loved building websites on Geocities and AOL. I taught myself HTML and CSS in order to design and create web pages." That was me, but in my senior year of high school and freshman year of college. We have definitely come a long way since those times!!

I'm also a developer in Atlanta and a member of Women Who Code ATL, so maybe I'll see you around at some of the meetups. You might also check out's Atlanta chapter, as they have some great things coming up. Namaste!

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Sydney Smith Author

aww...thanks so much, Sherri! This is really sweet. I hope to meet you one day around the tech community. :)