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Discussion on: Redux Basics Explained From A Beginner's Perspective

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Sherri Booher

Dylan, thank you, thank you, thank you! I am also a student in a full stack web development bootcamp and Redux was something I just couldn't grasp, at least not in the way it was taught to me. This article helped me understand exactly HOW Redux works and with that information, I am now able to use it more confidently. I think you should think about becoming an instructor. You have a wonderful teaching style...I think you would be one of the best! Again, thank you for this!

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Dylan Mestyanek Author

Sherri that means the world! Thanks so much! While I definitely have a long... LONG way to go, I appreciate the kind words greatly! Super stoked to be able to provide some value to you, and help you grasp the Redux basics a bit more. That's awesome hear! Thanks so much! :)