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Discussion on: The Tech Industry is Failing Junior Devs

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shelby spees (she/her)

This is 100% the case with most companies that hyperfocus of hiring senior talent. And the complexity isn't always accidental either. Lots of resume-driven-development out there 🙄

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Mike Bybee

RDD is definitely what keeps the Houston talent pool mired in .NET and Angular (in far too many cases STILL stuck on AngularJS 1.5, because migration is such a beast), particularly because it's dominated by two industries that leverage them heavily (O&G and medical).

Houston is also extremely cheap when it comes to tech salaries, which is one of many reasons I opted for remote a decade ago and seldom can help but laugh when someone approaches me for an onsite in Houston outside of those stacks (especially how little they're willing to pay one of the few people in Houston with 10+ years of Drupal, even if I rarely use it anymore).