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ng serve not working to run Angular app

Hi, yesterday I installed Angular and ran an Angular app successfully and today I just write some html code containing

tag and tags after checking that the app works fine on running ng serve with a html tag in my app.component.html file. Everything was working fine until the tag but now ng serve is not working..

Now, when I do ng serve to run my app it is giving me this error The serve command requires to be run in an Angular project, but a project definition could not be found. what is the reason behind this? Is this happened because of html

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ShazmaBatool Author • Edited on

Don't know my content is not appearing here full.. some text is missed out basically ng serve was working fine yesterday and today when I put some html tags in my app.component.html file inside app folder on saving and running the ng serve command to run my app it is not working and throwing me this error ..