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MLH Local Hack Day: Build

shaurya1505 profile image Shaurya Guliani ・1 min read

Hello everyone. I am Shaurya Guliani, A sophomore pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering from Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh. I am currently participating in MLH Local Hack Day: Build 2021 in a Guild known as "EquiCode".

I got to know about Local Hack Day from few of my friends in college who pushed me into participating. It was my first competition of this kind and to be honest, I was a little scared too as I didn't knew a thing about such competition. Every knowledge I had was confined to the college curriculum which never came out in any competition but it was with the help of my friends, who helped me at every step and the organizers, who kept organizing workshops during the event, that I learnt such amazing thing and met such amazing people from all over the globe.

I started the week as an amateur knowing only little basics about programming languages such as C and C++, not knowing many things about Tech and will be ending it with many new techniques and skill up my sleeves. Also met a lot of new friends on the way. It's fascinating that some people you never knew before can become such good friends of yours just because of working together as a team.

The Local Hack Day was a fascinating experience for me and as it will be over soon, I am already excited for Local Hack day: Share.

#MLH #majorLeagueHacking #LocalHackDay

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