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re: This is a really insensitive response. Crying is a human emotion. When you are dealing with difficult times crying is very healthy ways to deal wit...

When I give myself permission to cry, I usually only cry for a minute or so, then I'm able to get back to work. I don't suffer at all. I suffered all those years I WOULDN'T let myself cry.

I just wanted to say that I can empathize with this part. I'm a crier. It's the way my body releases stress. (Have you ever heard that joke that's along the lines of "I cry because murder is illegal"? It's like that.)

For years, I was ashamed of it and fought hard to suppress it at work, in particular, because there is a stigma against any kind of crying. That only made it worse, and it was only when I accepted that it was how my body responded to stress and that there was nothing to be ashamed of was I able to deal with it better (because, of course, trying to suppress the crying just added more stress).

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