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Discussion on: Share your portfolio if you want feedback! (CLOSED)

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stephen • Edited on

i mind changing it but idk really (also i know responsivity is sh*t)

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Madza Author

What I liked:

  • The color scheme is awesome, goes well together.
  • The originality of the layout.

Some ideas to consider:

  • Distinguish what are your skill icons and what are your social media ones. Currently, it's very easy to mistake and first I thought they are all skills.
  • Add some interactivity for the buttons and add some exciting colors to them.
  • If you want to display projects as cards, I would make them bigger, filling the available space to the right (at least while you don't have more projects). Give them a title and a short description of what each is about.
  • You use large images for your projects. Make sure you lazy load them or find some other alternatives, so they load smoother.
  • Include the live links to the projects and source code links (if available for the public).
  • Add a favicon to your site.
  • Consider including a bit more about yourself and how to contact you.
  • The site is not currently responsive, make sure it looks great on smaller screens.
  • Fix some console errors.