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Discussion on: Have you tried building a site this way?

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Shannon Reca Author

Hi Leob, no worries. Thanks for commenting. Quick question, did you try taking a look at the demo/admin?

To answer your questions...

"what about Gatsby and the myriad of other static site generators which (IMO) already fulfill all of your requirements?"
Yes you're correct, Gatsby, Next (never heard of myriad) all fulfill my wish list on my original post. To be more clear, I was speaking from a CMS perspective. Such as a Statamic/Grav approach, where things are taking care of within the browser.

"Why the dislike for plugins and themes?"
I don't recall saying I dislike plugins or themes. What I was trying to say is that plugins and themes are the norm or what is common in the CMS world. I wanted to approach creating a CMS from new perspective.

"How is your approach different?"
My approach is combining the type of development (such as whats done with a Gatsby, etc) with the familiarity of a CMS admin.

"why reinvent the wheel?"
Innovation. Why do so many CMS exist today? If you had an idea and believed in it, would you build it?

As for the repo, I'm still polishing up the file directory and getting it ready before releasing it.

"how is this thing going to be built, PHP, Javascript, other?"
I posted this info here The admin is build with React/Redux. Backend with PHP. Site pages are generated with Twig.

What JayDMS is now (an MVP) is just the beginning stages of what I wish to accomplish later down the line. In the end, JayDMS is another tool with a different vision on web development. You use what you think is the best tool for the job.

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leob • Edited on

Thanks for elaborating.

Yes you didn't literally say that you didn't like plugins or templates, but your 'wish list' has the items "it does not use plugins" and "it does not use templates", so apparently you would be in favor of not using those. I guess the point is you have a different vision of how 'customization' should work.

Anyway, yes I've looked at the demo and the UI looks pretty cool.

I think in order to get better feedback you need to publish the code on Github and write more documentation, like a step by step tutorial or something. This way people can develop a mental picture about the tool, how it works, and what the use cases are - what would one use it for.

Try to elaborate on "JayDMS is another tool with a different vision on web development" - what is the philosophy or the paradigm, that would be my advice.

The admin/dashboard UI looks pretty slick so that's a start.

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Shannon Reca Author

Well said on having a different vision of how 'customization' should work.

Yes, the code is coming soon. I originally was using GulpJS to compile and run locally, but in the middle of looking into webpack since it seems a more popular choice. Along with going through comments, etc.

Documentation for the admin will come after the release on the repo.

I'll try to describe the overall idea (my thinking). Typically websites are designed as a whole, a general goal, what features it should have, etc. Where I would like to get at, is designing at a more mirco level.

Ex: You create a hero component. That hero component should be able to be imported into another website with all of it's CSS & JS. Same with a sticky header, etc. Eventually this can lead to sharing complete components vs plugins. This is one aspect of my goal. I would like designers to be able to create components without coding at all, and also sharing among other designers.

Basically build blocks. Not a new concept, just new way of using it. Everything gets stored in json files. Understanding the json structure would allow for other platforms to use the same component, whether it's JayDMS or something else.

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If you want to enable reusable and shareable components then you might want to look at the Web Components standard.

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Shannon Reca Author

Will do. 👍