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This week, I....managed to do 3 Days Water Fasting and lost about 2.5KG weight.

For those who keep working day at night by sitting on computer like me and cant go to gym should do Water fasting to lost weight.


First two days were tough, like very tough. Alot of headache, low energy.
Couldn't sleep the second night.

Third day was great, felt fresh like usual days and was ready to make it 5 days.


Actually I'm doing Masters and Job , both as full-time. Really hard to find time to do walking and exercises. That was the main reason i selected water fasting.

I will try intensive walking and other methods once my study gets complete.


That's great progress! but also a bit risky, that's a drastic weight loss.
When we talk about weight loss we're supposed to lose the extra pounds lying around in form of fat. Often when water fasting we lose water, carbs and muscle mass. Im putting extra emphasis on muscle mass as it's very important. Hope you're taking these things in consideration :)


Yes, you are right. We need to keep electrolytes and other things inside body while doing water fasting. I tried to use sea salt and other methods to keep them inside.
Real magic happens when body fully transformed into ketosis mode.

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