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Discussion on: Work Addiction | Symptoms and How to Recover?

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Shan Khan Author

Yes, I would really recommend distraction like finding some physical activities like the rock climbing and learning woodworking you have mentioned. Unfortunately, I don't find these work in my area.

What I think one should do is to evaluate himself and think about the mental and physical activities that shouldn't involve the computers. He needs to involve a bit more in communities or people and learn not to discuss the work and how he can cheer up on talking about the real thing present in front of him. He needs to evaluate and find out what fascinates him besides the work.

What side projects are you referring to? Don't you think if an addicted man starts side projects like Open Source and projects that includes computer usage - It won't allow him to recover but makes addiction worse allowing him to put more work and daily time there instead of focusing on more important things like Wife, Kids, Parents and Friends.