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Discussion on: The Two Sum Problem in JavaScript

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Shailesh Vasandani • Edited

Nice solution! I like the early return, that way the solution doesn't double up on the numbers.

However, I think that indexOf actually runs in O(n) time, because it has to search through the array for the specified number. That means your solution is still O(n^2), because it has two nested loops.

I think the most optimized would be a mix of both, so:

const twoSum = (array, goal) => {
  let numberMap = new Map();

  for (let index = 0; index < array.length; index++) {
    el = array[index];

    if (numberMap.has(goal - el)) 
      return [index, numberMap.get(goal - el)];
    else numberMap.set(el, index);

  return [];
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Comment deleted
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Shailesh Vasandani

Thanks for your reply! Since it was more of a conceptual answer, I didn't run it before commenting. I have now; I figured out the error and fixed it.

For those interested, the issue was that a return statement in a forEach loop actually just returns inside the loop, and doesn't return in the function. To fix it, I converted it to a plain for loop.

As for the 5 people who liked it, I'm sure they appreciated the concept behind the comment and could see past any logic errors. I don't think that quite makes them fools.

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