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Hey folks, I built an API for providing structured metadata on any website even javascript-heavy SPAs

webdataorg / webdata-api

A free online REST API for getting any websites metadata relating to the Open Graph Protocol and more


WebData is a free online REST and GraphQL API that you can use when you want to get any websites meta tag information relating to the Open Graph Protocol, manifest.json and can tell if a site is a PWA or not


Run this code in a console or from any site:

const url = "https://github.com/"
  .then(response => response.json())
  .then(json => console.log(json))

What is Web Metadata?

Webapp metadata is basically just data that describes what exactly a site is all about, like for example, YouTube is a video sharing platform on the web, therefore, it should have metadata that describes that.

How does a website store metadata?

<meta name="tag" content="i am a meta tag"/>


I am starting a roadmap soon, if you would like to get in on this project. Let me know :)

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