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Thanks for the great article Marcus, I loved the read! I have looked into Svelte on many occasions but me being a lover of progressive enhancement Svelte does not really fit into this model (I might be mistaken) as you cannot just add Svelte to an existing static HTML page like Vue.js or even React.js and that's what does not make it as appealing but I do see that it has a place in really optimized applications with loads of dynamics but I can't really tell until I build something with it :)

I forgot to mention that I am a big Vue fan so I might be biased.


Thanks for reading!

But yes, you can use Svelte for progressive enhancement, juse like for Vue or React. You inject it just as you would with vue or React, you can even add svelte to a react or vue app if you would like.

I also like both Vue, React and Angular. However, I like the way Svelte is making us think about creating user interfaces.


I'll definitely give it a closer look, thanks :)

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