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Discussion on: Learn Test-Driven Development with Integration Tests in .NET 5.0

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Shaiju T

Ok Got it so you will create an empty function. I was thinking how come anyone test something without creating nothing. 😄

Suppose i am working in a company were they need to ship a product within 3 months. Writing TDD will cost time.

TDD can prevent bugs. But what other value does TDD gives ?

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Arjav Dave Author

TDD provides clarity of requirements. One needs to understand the project or a part of project thoroughly before starting deployment.

For me this is even bigger advantage than preventing bugs.

I have seen a lot of developers of dive code first and then think about the architecture, refactoring etc. By the time it's too late.

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Jay Jeckel

Clarity of requirements should be provided by the specification and design documents, not by code, not even by test code.

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Arjav Dave Author

Agreed. But I was talking more from a standpoint of a developer. He/she needs to be clear on what is to be developed and TDD helps to get this clarity.

The specification and requirements have their own unique place.