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😄, Nice, Do you add events manually or do you have some background Jobs for automation ?


I used to crawl events automatically, but there is so much noise out there. So I decided to focus on quality, not quantity, and use the power of manual work and community : )

By the way, the source code is available on GitHub:



Below Is my contributions for Hackathons:

  1. hackerearth.com/

  2. hackerrank.com/calendar

  3. Techgig is one of India's top Hackathon portal


Also promote your website in hackernews website as show dev. You can get lot of traffic.

😄, Enjoy.

To contribute to website content like events, do we need to do a PR in Github ?

Thanks for the list, Shaijut. I will add a Hackaton section soon.

To contribute content, just press a green (+) button at the bottom of the website.

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