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We're back!

Good day peeps 👋! After approximately 3 months of no writing (due to school), I am back to content creation!
This is just a one-off article about my future as a content creator and my growth plan.

What am I doing here ❓:

It's over 3 months since my last written article. And I lost my one-article-a-week streak (sorry guys), I just had a busy schedule behind me then and couldn't keep up with delivering goodies each week. But, I want to change that...

Writing... ✍️:

Before I talk about my writing schedule, I would first talk about growth and expansion. Recall that I had a blog where I wrote my articles alongside, that blog is still around but relatively dead.

Let me tell you guys an extra, my blog had a custom CMS(Content Management System) that I built myself, powering it, and that was where I handled all the blog posts.
To increase my growth and network, I am planning on writing on Hashnode also.

Managing my schedule ⏳:

I am still in school (and still very busy 😖), but I want to expand my writing platforms. Yes, that's true 😐.

For now, would still be my primary platform and that's because, in the meantime, I would be expanding my CMS to automate my writing on all the mentioned platforms. So, I would write once, and publish everywhere.

To make things easier, I try to upload once every two weeks... Gives me time to plan out and build the CMS whilst juggling school.

I think that's enough ranting for one article. Nothing too long either. Hope you guys are doing okay? Keep up with the learning and reading. Before I run off, two questions:

  1. Should I do a devlog whilst building my CMS? I would just upload articles about my progress and challenges.
  2. Should I move my blog to another domain, instead of my portfolio?

You can reply in the comments, your feedback would be appreciated 🥰. See you guys next week 👋.

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