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Loophole 🧐 in Instagram Music downloading 🎼🎢 Reel then story

According to instagram policy you may have noticed that Instagram doesn't allow you to download the music you had used to create a reel or story.

If you save them Instagram will remove the audio you had added using Instagram music from your story or reel. But here's the loophole came.

The Loophole

Let's say you want to download the Instagram Music directly from Instagram ( ligally ).

  • Create a reel using the Instagram Music 🎢.
  • Share the reel to your Story ☺️.
  • Now, Save the reel your music is not going to be remove β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘. (I think Instagram treat the story as your own uploaded story. So, the save feature is comming.)

The purpose was only to make people know about this loophole. Tag this article to instagram if they can fix this ASAP. (If this is a real problem)

Hey people I look it as a loophole. What's your opinion? You may comment to place your thoughts here...


Thanks πŸ”†

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