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Discussion on: Material Tailwind – New Framework for Web Developers

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Sunny Golovine

This is super cool. My one gripe is that it's a React Framework. One of the beautiful things about Tailwind, Bulma or Bootstrap is you can transport it anywhere that supports CSS, you can take a layout out of a React project and drop it into an Angular or Vue project with minimal modifications.

My suggestion down the road is to expose the CSS so users outside the react framework can also utilize this.

Keep up the hard work. Looks awesome!

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Sajad Ahmad Nawabi

Thanks a lot @sgolovine we will have the css code as well in the near future.

Since we are working on the stable react version of Material Tailwind v1.0.0 we don't focus on others for now after the stable version we will release the Vue, Angular, Svelte, Vanilla JavaScript and the CSS components as well.

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