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Discussion on: Why I Study Computer Science as a Self-Taught Developer

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Sergio Soares

Awesome point of view, i agree with it.

Arts, Music, Computer Science and others fields that involve craft made people remains by the satisfaction in the process.

I really enjoy programming, design data interactions, thinks about user perspective, improve older solutions.

For example i'm reading/studying an "Introdutory book" although already working with programming:

Why ? Several posts, peoples talks very well of this book, top books of computer science incited my interest. Start read a little and the preface got me.

  • Another mindset of programming.
  • Use an language based on Scheme (Other programming paradigm not one that i'm confortable)
  • Systematic approch to solve problems, not trial and error.

Really belive that it grow my computer science mental model more than only tutorials (this has your moment).

Thanks for your post. Made me more confident in the way guide my carrer.

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Sam Fisher Author

Wow! I really like the approach this book takes. Thanks for bringing it up

I’m preparing to teach an introductory programming course and I’ve been looking for good resources on aspects of computational thinking and software design.

Thanks for your comment!