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Junior developer's new year resolution

We are approaching the new year eve and people are talking about new year resolutions. Although it is important to set goals and make plans, it is more important to act and achieve your goals!

For years I was making new year resolutions with different goals, career changes, learning modern technologies and I did not achieve most of them! The reason is simple – I was scattered between so many things! But I’ve learned my lesson – one important thing at a time. In 2021 I’ve learned the most. In March I’ve changed my job from a System Administrator to a junior PHP developer. In 2020 I took HTML, CSS and PHP courses, I’ve practiced on some minor web projects, but I’ve got too little experience and I can say that when I’ve started this job, I got it from the ground because it was a commercial project with real life needs and use cases. This helped me to quickly pick up PHP and later in the summer to start learning the Laravel framework.

This year I didn’t jump from language to language, didn’t install ten different Linux distros nor start another ten new projects. Although in October, due to personal matters I had to leave the job, I did not stop practicing Laravel and web development. This year I have a short new year resolution:

  • Find a decent job
  • Move to another country
  • Keep practicing Laravel and learning web development
  • Not to get distracted by frameworks and roadmaps

Everything else are just scheduled tasks, but these are my main goals. I also recommend you stick to one big and important thing/task you want to achieve/get done.

And the last one: do you remember the question the hiring managers ask - „where do you see yourself in 5 years?” well, think about it! Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Set your long-term goals and start acting today.
Happy new year everyone and keep acting daily towards your goals!

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