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re: My first coding experience was when my friend introduced me to websites with Geocities. I don't remember some of the details of what I did first, b...

I built my first website on Geocities too, using MS Word 98 (it had a website mode), good times, filled with gifs, JS snow and custom animated mouse pointers.


Ah! You just reminded me of Microsoft Frontpage! I forgot about that. Oh, the repressed memories...

I always used the web editor in Geocities. I don't think I had a home computer at the time so it was mostly school and friends' houses. I didn't really learn FTP or code editors or anything.

I'm truly cloud native.

Ahahah indeed, that was the cloud waaaay before we had that term coined :)

I had a relative in computers I asked for help setting up a Geocities/Angelfire like my friend had.

He refused to help me, gave me an account on his webserver Unix box, taught me to use FTP / set up Netscape Navigator's editor to publish to it, and, when I hit a wall with Netscape Navigator's editor, taught me how to edit the HTML of my page for finer-grained control.

Wouldn't help me with the fun unless I picked up some "real programming" along with the fun.

Set me up with an e-mail account on that box, too, and taught me to telnet to it and use Emacs to edit my mail when on someone else's computer instead of on a computer when I had ... boy ... there must've been a mail function in Netscape before Thunderbird came out or something... :-)

I didn't properly program for many years thereafter, but it was a great foundation for later learning. Mission accomplished, picky older relative!

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