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Discussion on: When to use (and not use) firebase?

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deleteme deleteme

I wouldn't use it for anything period. Here's why:

  • It's Google
  • It uses your Google account, that means your youtube, your email, your adsense, etc is all tied into one single account. What happens if you're banned from youtube for uploading something you're not supposed to and your business is affected because you use firebase? This isn't a hypothetical. I've been banned from youtube for uploading a dexter's laboratory episode, suddenly my youtube doesn't work, I can't watch videos above the age limit because you need to be signed in to view. Who knows what other limits my account has now. Will you bet your business on this? Hell no.
  • You are tied into Google forever unless you move out of firebase. At least with postgres, or mysql, you can take your business elsewhere. Vendor lock-in danger is clear here. (This same con affects dynamoDB imho)

I don't see enough positives to outweigh these extremely negative aspects of firebase.

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Allan N Jeremy Author • Edited on

Appreciate the honesty

Fair enough. Does your google account status affect how you access firebase though? Also, why not create a purely developer google account? Only used with developer services that is

Also, what about real-time databases? Would you use something like rethinkdb instead? What are your thoughts on this?