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AwardWallet’s itinerary planner has become part of Uber Travel experience

In May Uber announced the introduction of a new feature to their app called Uber Travel (along with other new items, such as Voice Ordering, Uber Charter, Uber Eats at Stadiums, etc.)

Uber Travel allows users to create a route by linking their upcoming trips and reservations with Uber rides. This happens automatically without any effort on users’ part thanks to AwardWallet itinerary planner and Uber car rides. The only thing you have to do is to sign in with Gmail account so that the app could receive information about the bookings. It is safe, because the app will only track travel related emails.

As a result, users get a smooth travel experience, because their journey is planned from start till finish. Moreover, they get notifications about any delays on the way and can alter their plans accordingly. Users can reserve the rides 30 days in advance and that helps with planning a budget. A bonus of 10% Uber Cash is given on each ride booked through Uber Travel.

Uber’s CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, believes that ‘people have been sitting around at home for too long’ and that with Uber Travel ‘you can rest assured that you’re going to make it to the flight on time’.
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