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Discussion on: We are all standing up. Does it actually work?

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David Saintloth

"When it fails, is it because we don't follow the Scrum processes correctly? "

That depends on how tightly one is following what ever development paradigm is being used for development. Waterfall standups may have fewer dependency interactions as compared to fine grained tasked out agile projects with each unit of change tasked out to the hour. It's as much because the team is forced to use the wrong development paradigm for the type of development being done as making sure that the particular process is followed correctly.

Doesn't matter who you are can't do original R&D using an agile would murder creativity.

"Or did you made it better by tinkering with it?"

Again, if you are using the wrong paradigm for the type of Engineering being done no amount of tinkering other than throwing the current one out and adopting the right one...will make things better.

"Are people actually listening? Or preparing their own intervention and sometimes stressed, trying to remember what they did yesterday?"

This can be a problem...but I think can be eliminated by judicious usage of JIRA and similar code management tools and enforcing a daily pre stand up requirement of reading the comments of other team members JIRA's AHEAD of the stand up...this will allow issues to be seen, identified and even fixed before the stand up begins, reduces total time and allows Engineers to get back to work instead of talking about it.

" Should jokes be allowed?"

If you aren't comfortable enough with your team members from the lead/director to the product/project manager to the biz/dev rep to the QA folks then your team is only partially effective. Levity is a great lubricant for relaxation that gets people to opine any blockers they may be facing...if you find you can't tell a joke during a stand up...maybe that team is a bit to stodgy for your personality.