What is your favorite part in functional programming and why?

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Functional programming is cool and pretty close to mathematics ❤️

What is your favorite aspect of functional programming and why do you like it?

If you want to learn functional programming, will you learn

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I don't go for all that abstract math as it isn't really necessary to solve problems. And using those abstractions makes the code hard for new devs to learn (they first have to back-fill math theory).

But I love functional programming because it basically fixes the things that went wrong with structured programming -- mainly shared mutable state. It allows me to write code that is very simple and understandable. And it gives me more tools to express a solution in code. For example, union types.

F# is my language of choice.


F# is really awesome. Heard a lot of good things about it. Hopefully I will spend sometime with it.


Rust is not a functional language and it heavily promotes imperative style of programming.


Well.. Java as such is not functional language. But you can write Java in a functional way. But learning a pure functional language will help you to think differently.

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