What is your biggest obstacle to contribute to Open Source?

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Contributing to Open Source makes you a better developer no matter what. You learn from the community a lot and in turn you can make an impact on the community.

But not everybody has time, energy, confidence to contribute to their open source.

What is your biggest obstacle?

How do you think it can be solved?

Pour it out be it suggestions / ideas / personal opinions.

Come on, let us make the world.

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Actually, I too face the same issue when contributing to open source. Many people don’t know the architecture or design of the projects they are contributing to.

I am trying to solve it by creating a platform where developers can add blogs about the tools (testing tools, linting tools etc) and libraries used in project, or about some particular file or code snippet, or it can be the overall design and architecture.


If you are interested, we can discuss more on it!

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