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Discussion on: How to Come out of Burnout

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Selahattin Ünlü • Edited on

My List:

  • Don't force yourself to write code after work
  • Make music
  • Play game
  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Swimming (4 days a week)

To gain motivation again:

  • I challenge to myself.

For example, I saw that animation last days
I said to myself "Why I'm not trying to build that awesome animation from scratch without using any 3rd party library?" Boom... I'm learning SVG, mathematics, geometry, linear interpolation, Bézier curve etc to build that animation nowadays. :)

I think we need to mix some other science into programming to gain motivation again. It works for me at least. Because I'm self-taught developer, so I don't have CS Degree. And I've been building websites, web applications for years. I've realized that I need to learn something difference. So I've started to study Computer Science online.

My goal is improving my self in Computer Science and Mathematics right now. I can study physics maybe after that.

I don't want to stick between billions new JavaScript frameworks or libraries any more! :)))

I want to learn more general, language-framework agnostics things any more