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Discussion on: How do you keep yourself productive?

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Sekam Dex

Morning Ritual.

I have a morning ritual where I basically do things that will fill me up with energy: drink water, green juice, meditation and writing.

Then I use a notebook and set up my agenda for the day. It could be a night before or the same day, it does not matter to me. Here I write my Most Important Things to do and let some blocks for eating and workout. If possible I try to do the more meditation and reading sessions I can along the day.

I keep doing this all days of the week no matter the time I wake up.


Stick to the agenda

Try to stick the more you can to the agenda you wrote down, be flexible but try to follow up the Most Important Things you have to do.


Healthy Habits

The more important thing in the world for you is yourself. Give enough time to sleep, eat healthy things, drink enough water, practice self knowledge and do some workout.

Know yourself and learn to read the manual inside you. Unfortunately there are many times we don't follow our intuition and we just keep doing things in automatic mode.



Once I read this:

"The depth of your attention determines the depth of your experience. If your attention is profound, your experience of life is profound."

So, I try to avoid multitasking as this interferes with my attention, as well I keep myself out of digital distractions like social media and chat.


And those are some steps I follow everyday :) I hope it can help a bit.

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Some great tips here, thank you for sharing!