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Software Media with Charles Max Wood

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Software engineers have a wide variety of media to choose from, including podcasts, blogs, YouTube videos, conferences. The amount of software engineering media that is available is growing and accelerating.

Eight years ago, there were not as many options for information about software. Charles Max Wood founded to create a network of podcasts and other content for software engineers. Today, his podcasts include the popular shows JavaScript Jabber, Ruby Rogues, and Adventures in Angular.

Chuck joins the show for a conversation about software media. This was his second time on the show, with his first episode exploring his podcast JavaScript Jabber.


  • FindCollabs is a place to find collaborators and build projects. FindCollabs is the company I am building, and we are having an online hackathon with $2500 in prizes. If you are working on a project, or you are looking for other programmers to build a project or start a company with, check out FindCollabs. I’ve been interviewing people from some of these projects on the FindCollabs podcast, so if you want to learn more about the community you can hear that podcast.
  • New Software Daily app for iOS. It includes all 1000 of our old episodes, as well as related links, greatest hits, and topics. You can comment on episodes and have discussions with other members of the community. And you can become a paid subscriber for ad free episodes at Altalogy is the company who has been developing much of the software for the newest app, and if you are looking for a company to help you with your mobile and web development, I recommend checking them out.
  • Upcoming conferences I’m attending: Datadog Dash July 16th and 17th in NYC, Open Core Summit September 19th and 20th in San Francisco.
  • We are hiring two interns for software engineering and business development! If you are interested in either position, send an email with your resume to with “Internship” in the subject line.

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