Discussion on: Nevertheless, Ali Coded

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Sebastian Schürmann

I want to join the ranks of all the ranks of all well surprised and angered men about the different levels of harassment here, but being 'in the game' for 20 years, I find more of the young me in some of these postings than I probably would want to admit in every day life.

As with all issues of these regards (in short *isms) there is one point of view I want more men to take: Just don't declare yourself out of the problem, but try to find out how much of a problem you are (causing). If the answer is Zero: Think harder fellow Techbros. It is a very much more useful way of thinking than just declaring the problem is out of our hemisphere. Only then we have a chance to get over the 'all men are trash' meme (that exists for a obvious reason reiterated here).

Thanks for posting this and sorry you have to go through this.