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re: Front End Javascript, Angular, React, etc, what and where to start with? VIEW POST


This can be answered by a bunch of RFCs and W3c specs. These are the frameworks those other frameworks are built on top. So here re some recommendations

  • RFC 1866 HTML (learn editing simple html sites)
  • RFC 2086 HTTP 1.1
  • W3c DOM and Events

This should be some of the underlying theorycraft behind a website. If you not only try the things (build a website, deliver it with a webserver and make it "clicky" with Javascript stuff. If you mastered this, there is much more. The authors of those said framworks just have read the same documents (hopefully) a bit earlier. The list is too short .. but my answer stays: Learn the basics, before a framework.

I am not saying read that and learn all contents like in school. Just try the things in there and read up on the theory to the practice. As pointed out other places: You will encounter problems, know what they are and use frameworks to solve them. But just try practically do it yourself for a moment


I appreciate the advice. I've already gotten some knowledge on the things you mentioned above, though I haven't read those specific documents. At this point I'm just trying to decide what tools I want to use to build the frontend of my next project and A JavaScript framework seemed to be where I should start. I was also hoping to work on my JavaScript skills in the meantime.

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