Discussion on: Saying Goodbye to PhoneGap

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Sebastien Lorber

Honestly after being a backend dev, then a web dev, then a cordova+reactjs dev, then a ReactNative dev, I don't see how ReactJS would win the mobile battle.

ReactNative looks to me way better than ReactJS + Cordova/PWA for mobile, and it's not so complicated to learn for a ReactJS dev. You can actually use your existing web codebase in RN.

Also the less complete css features of RN looks to me a feature not a bug. The cascade is what breaks the Css encapsulation, and being forced to Css in JS has never been a problem.

And we can use ReactNative on the web, like Twitter does, with extraordinary css scalability thanks to atomic css-in-js...

I don't see why go back to web tech when upgrading to native is so easy today. And for desktop it's the same, do we really want to use Electron when new RN platforms are coming???