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re: I've recently dumped windows 10 on my home machine in favor of fedora 29. I agree that one of the challenges to Linux being a mainstream desktop co...

I have been using Fedora since version 24, i use for work and for gaming ( yes, gaming with Steam Play or Wine and DXVK). I had few issues with Ubuntu after some updates and the sound didn't work anymore.
Besides that every time there is a kernel update, i have to reinstall Nvidia propietary drivers but Fedora is one of the bests.


I think I posted earlier that I'm in the process of switching to Linux and so far I'm on my 3rd distro, trying to find the right combo of stability, hardware support and features. Coming from Windows, where I spend my professional time, I need an environment that just works so that when I sit down to develop, I'm cranking code,not trying to get the platform to work.

Not that Windows is without warts, but in terms of being productive quickly it far out shines Linux for out of the box UX.

I like Fedora, but find gnome annoying. I'm currently using Ubuntu budgie and I love it

I change it to cinnamon, is better and friendly than gnome.

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