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Discussion on: Code is Political

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Sean Walton

Da! Let's euthanize all programmers.
¡Sí! ENIAC programmers should hang by 28 gauge wires.
Jawohl! Even thinking of programming will lead you to homophobia, pedophilia, and Starbucks.
Oui, a, oui! Are you a closet programmer? We've some programs for you!

Really!?!? Since when does a computer do evil? It's just like saying toasters are intent on electrocuting people. Okay, you can say that the programmer can program do to evil. So, do you say that the Lotto and slots are evil?

And, where in the world did you pull up that "fact" that YouTube favors the right wing? Boy, I bet that was a bit (pit?) of cherry picking. Being a "programmer" you clearly do not understand "algorithms." YouTube uses a consummately simple algorithm: what's hot is hot and what's not is not.

Who is going to decide what is "evil code"? Are you proposing a new style of "digital brown shirts"?

BTW, I'm white, and I believe that all lives matter not: "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."