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Discussion on: Reasons developers avoid CSS

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I stopped doing any regular front-end development about 15 years ago. Prototype.js was the only library around and we were just converting our table layouts to CSS. Fast-forward to recent years and I just can't seem to wrap my head around it. Even something that should be simple, e.g., centering a single React component on the screen with Bootstrap led me down many SO questions and answers, all complicated, none seeming to work as inteded. I eventually combined a few answers and got my component horizontally centered, and decided that was good enough. The fact that something trivial became complicated is what made me say, "nuts to this".

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Seth Corker Author

I'm sorry you had such a difficult time, I don't think CSS is especially straight forward in some cases and vertical centring is one of these cases. I would like to say that although this has been a notoriously difficult problem in CSS, once you understand the fundamentals of CSS - it's much easier.

Modern CSS makes the problem almost trivial if you use Flexbox or Grid positioning, if you've been away from the frontend for a while or even just want to brush up on flexbox - I recommend taking a look at (Flexbox Froggy)[].