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Discussion on: I went to my first interview! It was terrifying.

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Beautus S Gumede Author

Thanks for these links, I didn't think they even existed at all. I'll even sure these with friends.

I remember when I started, I would apply for maybe 5 or more job posts a day, in consecutive days. I also noticed something that's a little bit demotivating. Recruitment agents would post more than 3 different jobs but use one email and have no reference for it. So is imagine that one person on some computer just sees a flood of my emails but not entirely know what I was applying for exactly.

I also feel bad at some point that my first interview is with such a great company that has a very nice environment. It would be a bummer of I were to not get the job there 😌

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Tiago Romero Garcia

Nice progress! And don't feel bad, you might get it after all! Out of these 11 companies I tried, actually I got offers from the 2 first ones!