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re: You can also use vuelidate which is good enough for most cases an smaller than veevalidate...

I started with it. But it doesn't play fair with typescript. Issues filed on the repo and PRs submitted as solutions but the repo owners also didn't meet devs halfway. On top of that, the site that introduced me to VeeValidate had a section after its intro that rants about the latter. Here just scroll to the last section.

Read the rant, he does have a point but I feel like also TypeScript can be a burden on maintainers that don't know/use/like it. He should have probably accepted the patch after making sure that the contributor was available on maintaining TS support from then on.

Very true. I wonder if anyone cared to fork the project just for typescript intergation 🤔

It's always tricky. Everytime you accept a big patch you're also going to maintain it in the future. If you fork a project like this because of the lack of a "small" feature, you're also going to need to keep it in sync, updating the types definition everytime there's something new.

There's no perfect solution

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