Discussion on: 3 Tips for Developing a Blogging Habit

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Stuart Dotson

I think sometimes with a medium like blogging, it can be hard to tell if you're improving or not, especially without some sort of feedback. I like your suggestion to reflect on your work periodically.

When I was a creative writing major, we'd sometimes "workshop" original stories in class. We'd take a student's work and discuss everything about it. Perhaps a blog post is too transient of a product to subject to that sort of process.

I'm a developer seeking to re-connect with my poor creative past. This post is helpful.

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Rachel Author

Thanks for your comment Stuart!

I agree - improvement can be hard to determine. I think it's important to define what improvement means to you as well. It will be different for everyone, as everyone will have different goals and motivations for why they write.

Reflection is essential for reviewing past work and progress, though I think goal setting and identifying a path to accomplishing that is equally important in order to measure progress.