Http Request with AWS Lambda, Node.js 8.10, and Standard http library

Scott Lepper on June 10, 2018

In my previous article I showed an approach to extend a "traditional" (monolithic architecture) app using AWS Lambda: https://dev.to/scottlepp/e... [Read Full]
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Hi Scott,

I'm using the request-promise library but when try insert within exports.handler this aren't work... this is part of code, your support please, I'm novice yet:

How can implement this requests into lambda function?.... in my local test this work!

Or maybe should reemplace the requet-promise reference per a simple "http.request"?? Opinions please?

Thanks very much for advance.....



Hi Guys,

Finally, as I not know much about "request-promise" module, use "request-promise-native" instead. I have this model...

You already have an array with the results and the code looks synchronous.

I hope that is model can use for others verbs like post and patch. I'm in testing yet. Will I do well?


In case of Lambda project, what urls we put in host and path parameters ?


In this case I was running Voyager Search on an ec2 instance. The host was the ec2 instance and the path was to a REST call that Voyager Search supports, but you could take this approach with any REST provider.


thank you, this is exactly what I needed.

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