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an onsite gym or a gym membership?

  • We have deals with gyms in the area.

cycle to work scheme where the subsidise the cost of the bike?

  • Yeah, we have this during the summer. It's not fantastic really.

health, life, travel insurance?

  • I think we can get some deals, but not worth mentioning.

ergonomic workstations?

  • We can get desk assessed to get some horrible lumbar support, a wrist rest and desk raisers. Nothing special. I really want a standing desk but it'll be too expensive.

healthy snacks and lunches?

  • Yes, but our canteen thinks chicken should be cooked to within an inch of its life.


financial advice or planning sessions?

  • The company pays for an over-the-phone multi-faceted service which includes this. The only thing we need to mention is our company name and they won't ask anything more about us, so it's anonymous. This will probably go next year as it's not as heavily used as they expected.

social clubs and activities for teams?

  • Not that I'm aware of. There used to be a football thing once a week, but very few people went.

opportunities to work from home or flexitime?

  • No.

a day each year to give back to the community with a volunteer day?

  • Several times a year we have children visit us from several local primary schools so they can see a real working environment, etc.

access to counselling for you or your family?

  • As with the over-the-phone service, this is also included.

I'll be honest: A lot of the perks we get from my company are fairly shallow "look at all the perks you get!". These perks can also be incredibly long-winded and difficult to redeem, so a lot of the times it's not even worth the effort. i.e. someone had to wait 2 months to get the free eye-test voucher.

Unfortunately, I work in a call centre, so for the majority of the employees they can't have flexitime, go home early, work what you can, etc. So the company feels it's only fair to treat all call centre employees (including us devs) with the same treatment. Though all non-call centre employees (finance, marketing, logistics, etc) have a lot of these perks.

There are a lot of improvements to be made, to be honest.

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