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The problem isn't full-stack developers. It's the meaningless term. We learn stuff and know stuff and do stuff. Nothing good comes from either applying a meaningless label or encouraging others to apply it to themselves.

Recruiters and employers were already bad enough at knowing and describing what they want. I've seen postings for my own job at my own company including technologies we never or rarely used.

I don't know whether "full stack developer" is a ploy for employers to deliberately look for someone to do two or three jobs. (That's DevOps - it's in the name.) I think it's just another lazy buzzword, something to ask for without knowing what it is or whether they need it.

If someone, including an interviewer, wants to know if I'm a full-stack developer I'll just tell them what I've worked with and be completely transparent about my experience in each area. It's up to them how they want to interpret or label it.


I hear you, and agree that it's a bad term but I think most terms are bad. I've been coding for almost 20 years now and have done all sorts of stuff at work and on the side and as bad as "full-stack" is, I don't know of a better one.

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