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Julia Author • Edited

Interesting that you bring this up. Name at least one company that hires women only because they're women.

If that is the case, with my credentials, I am a precious gem for any company and people should be fighting for me 😅: I am a woman, a [protected] veteran, BS in CS, bootcamp cert, and this fall I am starting my masters in space systems engineering. Did I also mention I am an immigrant? OMG I know! Came here to take an american's job!.. However, when I apply for jobs, my resume still has to pass through ATS, I still have to convince a recruiter I am a good fit, and I still have to pass a technical interview. And I've failed technical interviews. And when I did, no one handed me a job just because I am a woman.

Unfortunately, there is no excuse for this guy and his words, no matter how much you try.