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Since you think ICE should be abolished, what would you propose in its place to enforce immigration law? Or, are you an open borders advocate?


This isn't a discussion about "open borders" as you framed it, but it is a discussion on whether or not tech workers should have a say if the product of their labour should be used in genocidal actions.

But to answer your first question: there's no need to have a special police-like entity to treat immigrants as guilty until otherwise proved. To tell other country specifically how they should address something would be doing a thing I criticize them for doing.


I don't know OP's opinion on that (although full disclosure, we are friends IRL), but yeah, there shouldn't really be any borders.

And even if that's impractical, do keep in mind that ICE was founded in 2003, it's not like it's impossible to have a border without an organization that puts people in concentration camps for simply being at the "wrong" side of an imaginary line. The USA had borders before them, and it will continue having borders after it is dismantled and every official responsible for ICE is tried at the Hague and prosecuted for their crimes.

ICE is not meant to protect the borders. It's meant to target latino/minority undocumented migrants as part of the US's nationwide Security Theater and as a way to maintain a status quo that benefits the top of the socio-economic hierarchy.

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