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Oh, how time flies. Really interesting to read about everyone's progress through life. I'm probably forgetting some parts, but here's mine:

  • Swept floors at my folk's office.

    (Started to really get into video games, the web, and computers, as I couldn't be outside much due to allergies).

  • Moved to a new city, swept floors and helped out at my folk's new shop/office.

    (Did lots of banner graphics on Final Fantasy related forums)

  • Swept floors at a supermarket.

    (Started getting into making those banners with HTML/CSS instead. Got hooked on frontend, thanks to Coyier and CSS-Tricks)

  • Started making basic websites for locals

    (Horrible ones, but got my first frontend paycheck, which was a blast)

  • Waited tables at a Dutch pancake house (in Denmark, what?).

    (Began designing and developing websites for more small businesses and lots of business cards, brochures etc., my folks included.)

  • Got into Wordpress development for clients with a friend for a year.

  • Assistant at a print shop for a year before university.

    (Cut and rounded corners, by hand, of countless business cards for LEGO executives)

  • Started to really get into freelance frontend development during uni. Lots of Shopify shops and Wordpress sites.

    (Started studying Digital Design, which was a sham, started studying Information Science instead)

  • Started a SaaS startup as a technical co-founder with 2 buddies, which failed

    (Idea management tools for schools and local governments weren't as hot as we thought).

  • Pivoted and started a new SaaS startup helping startups, students and businesses with pitching.

    (With the same buddies, still going strong).

  • Helped out a bunch of larger companies with getting up to date with new technologies.

    (Dinosaurs seemingly like paying young nerds who can combine frontend, digital design with startup experience. Who knew?)

  • Freelance frontend/UX/UI developer/consultant/something who builds new digital tools and products for large companies. Currently developing tools for improving workplace happiness.

    (Still sweeping floors, but only in my home office 😉).

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