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Irrespective of Bob's assertions that "you owe it to your employer", we do owe it to our co-workers and colleagues to not create implementations that are harder to work with than necessary.

The value of learning (and mastering) patterns, principles, methods, languages, etc, is so that we start to see the mistakes that we habitually make that we often don't realize are mistakes at all. We do it so that our decisions of what is good or bad - especially in regards to the tools we choose - are not influenced by mere dev community social identity, and are instead rooted in the objective science that underpins software design, and thus implementation and testing.

It's about not being made a sucker by fads and fashions, and so that these indulgences don't leave behind work that we were once socially-enthusiastic about, but now know is objectively undesirable.

It's about respect for our co-workers. It's about not making their work harder. And when we do that, we can even free up more time to allow them to further their studies and practice in pursuit of their life dreams. It's about not increasing someone else's suffering in order to optimize for our own expediencies and conveniences.

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