Discussion on: Here are Top 5 Best Practices for JavaScript you MUST ALWAYS FOLLOW

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To the first part, this is the official styling guide by google

But that's just a style guide to ensure that Google code follows the same conventions all throughout. It seems to me far from any sort of official/widely agreed on recommendation. In fact, if we were to take the document's guidelines as best practices, it clearly contradicts your last point.

To the second part, I might have to dig up some examples, but in general writing codes passing function expressions as parameters, object literals as parameters, and nested function calls can get pretty messy and even if pretified, without semicolons denoting end of statements, it is hard to follow code.

Maybe if the code is very messy. Personally I've never had trouble with those. Well, at least not any trouble that I thought would be solved or improved by adding semicolons.