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Discussion on: React dev? Why and how you should use Storybook

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Saulo Dias

Yeah, it seems like Storybook was built around React and React developers from the beginning, even though it claims to work with several different libraries/frameworks.
Unfortunately, I wouldn't recommend using it for Angular for now.
Don't get me wrong, the Storybook community is awesome, and the maintainers are very active and helpful. But it has really let me down with the several bugs regarding components development and I didn't have a very good testing experience.
I have even put together a tutorial on how to use it for Angular Library development, with some undocumented tips learned from experience exchanges with some community members, but developing on Storybook for Angular is an endeavor I had to put on the back burner for now because I have other priorities.
With that said, it doesn't take any credit away from what they have accomplished in regards to React.

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Philippe Bernard Author

Thank you Saulo for your feedback.

I use StoryBook only for React, so I was not aware of issues with Angular. Good to know!