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Free illustrations for developers.

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Illustrations used to create better-designed websites, products, and applications.

The illustration is a collection of SVG images that prevents image quality degradation in websites with blazing fast loading times.

Here some of the free illustrations we can use and do wish to credit the creator.

Undraw - https://undraw.co

Collection of open source illustrations which can be downloaded in both SVG and png formats, also with customized colors.

Drawkit - https://www.drawkit.io

Cool free illustration with weekly updates and customizing options

Ouch - https://icons8.com/ouch

Modern, classy vector illustrations to create a better-designed website or application. Ouch comes with a variety of categories.

Vecteezy - https://www.vecteezy.com

The collection of vector art with free licensing and creator attribution is required to use a variety of vector arts.

Black Illustrations - https://www.blackillustrations.com

Free and beautiful illustrations of black people. With 30+ skin tones. Try it out.

Flaticon - https://stories.freepik.com

Flaticon provides a product called stories in which we can animate, edit, customize from various categories of vector illustrations.

I personally used stories in my projects and its super cool.

Freellustrations - https://freellustrations.com

Modern and high-quality illustrations.Free and premium available.

The above list is only a few free illustration providers and you guys feel free to add more to this that you used recently.

Iconsout - https://iconscout.com/illustrations


From comments section:

  1. https://blush.design/
  2. https://absurd.design/

Note: Go through the website to learn about free licensing on illustrations that you use.

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That's super cool! Thanks for adding this to the list.


I will add this to the post.


Hi, I didn't know stories.freepik.com and Black Illustrations very cool sets! Take a look at my post maybe you find some new sets too :) dev.to/dominikilnicki/15-free-svg-...


Cool. You have more on the list. Not heard some of them. Thanks for sharing!


You forgot about absurd.design/ - a collection of surrealist illustrations.


Wiil add it in the list.


This one is interesting, you can customize the illustrations: blush.design/


I will definitely check that out.


Late to the party, but generated.photos/ is pretty cool, photos generated by AI


Awesome post! I'd like to mention humaaans.com too. Free and no attribution required. You can name your price as well if you're feeling generous


these are free for commercial and personal use: illlustrations.co/


Illustrationhunt.com here you can find more list of free Illustration sites


This is a cool list. Thank you


Nice list. Thank you for sharing.

The drawkit url leads to undraw.


By mistake!
Updated now.


This is cool. Thanks for sharing


Thanks for sharing , very usefull!


Wow exactly what I’ve been looking for thanks!


Thanks, mate, this is very helpful.


Thanks a lot for sharing these awesome resources!


Thanks for this resource man! I've used Undraw before - they're awesome! Bookmarking the rest now:)


That's exactly why I love dev.to... we always share the most exiting resources around the web :)
Thank you very much! <3


Thanks a lot for sharing. Didn't know many of them :)