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re: How did you measure that? In my experience, DigitalOcean has some pretty great performance. Raspberry PI uses a low power ARM processor, DO has Xeo...

Well, as I mentioned it’s good for small team managing small projects. It can easily take the load.

You said it was better than DigitalOcean in terms of performance

Yeah going to step in now and dispel this misinformation. DigitalOcean has x86 processors clocking at 2.4GHZ, the Raspberry PI has a 1.4GHZ ARM CPU. DigitalOcean features DDR4 RAM, the PI is on LPDDR2.

You simply cannot even compare them. You're unlikely to ever hit 1/10th of the performance a DO VPS offers.

Totally Agree with you. But the thing is in most of the cases Beginner developer doesn't even need that much of processing speed to run their small projects and the fact is 5$ is the least you can pay. So It's better than 5$ digital ocean droplet, isn't it?

Whatever computer you're using in the moment is likely better. Dev servers are usually supposed to have much better performance than any other device, not less.

I understand that but still for a small team with small project there won’t be problem. Trust me.

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